waterfall and cave

Vespa-Trekking-Tour: Our guests are seated on the

pillion-seat from and to their hotel to the starting

point of the hike.

Under The Waterfall There Is A Cave... Trekking

A challenging round trip with two large and a small waterfall; swimming in the river and in the dry season access to two cavernous caves; tasting of freshly tapped palm juice






The minor roads which we use normally in our tours, are on this tour, high up in the southern mountains, particularly bumpy.


After parking our Vespas we almost immediately meet this beautiful tree that was decorated with temple clothes by the Balinese.

On narrow paths that sometimes meet  the homes of locals, we slowly work our way up the hill.


After the first steps of the tour led us through a forest,  we will soon step out into rice fields. Here we will hike on the "Pematang", the paths of the farmers between the fields.
Caution: You might get wet and muddy feet here.


Afterwards we leave the rice fields and get through the tropical forest, which the Balinese call  their "garden".

It's getting really steep now. The talks fall silent and everyone is focused on just getting up the road. We are rewarded  with great views of the north coast of Bali. Here we meet a lot of sugar palms.

A sugar palm with fruits
A sugar palm with fruits
sugar palm








From a sugar-palm whose inflorescence was cut, Balinese farmers harvest toddy, the precursor of both "Tuak", the quite popular palm wine, and the red palm sugar that you can buy at each Bazaar Indonesias.

You can try the not yet alcoholic sweet juice later during the trip.


During the rainy season, it might happen that harvesting of palm-juice is impossible. We hope to find your understanding!

Note the "ladder" that allows the farmers to access the palm:

At the highest point of the tour we have the first glimpse of the impressive and highest waterfall of the day:

ground path









As steep as it went up earlier, the route descends now. We visit a farmer, where we explore the process of producing palm sugar and have a cup of coffee. Our narrow path leads us very quickly to  the stream that feeds the waterfall, we already saw before.



This pretty wild brook accompanies us right hand for a while before we take our lunch at a point with a nice view off the waterfall.


wild creek


After lunch, the additionally bookable trip to the waterfall could begin - a very difficult route with climbing assist and river crossings on extremely slippery surfaces: very dangerous !!

If you should be interested, read on below at *

For our "normal" guests the route now leaves the waterfall.

rock in shape of a chair


Afterwards we follow the stream downhill again. At the as "Batu Kursi" = "stone chair" known rock in the creek we will relax with a bath in beautiful clear water.


wild creek







The smallest of the three waterfalls is located very close to the swimming area. However, it is worth it just for "real" waterfall collectors to visit it - it is hard to reach and really small. While continue following the path near the creek, for sure we'll get repeatedly wet feet. At a traditional dam, where the water is diverted for irrigation purposes, we leave the stream.


wall used as a path






Along the irrigation canal, our way then moves to the east. Far below us we sometimes still can see the creek. Soon we will reach a viewing point where we can admire the second major waterfall of the tour. Unfortunately there is still no access. The terrain is steep and extremely hard to pass. However, our local guide has told us, that there are plans to create an access next time. We will move our river-bath from Batu Kursi to this point then.







From this waterfall we climb up until we reach our parking Vespas again.

Now the circuit is closed and you will be brought home by your drivers.



* Extension of the tour to the cave-waterfall (additional charge)

And that's what it looks like: a narrow path between a plant-covered steep wall and the steep bank of the river below.


There are rock barriers, which have to be overcome and you also have to enter the water by going through the river.



For the fearful ones we bring ropes and a ladder. And of course there is always a helping hand ... 



a "helping hand"


With all the requirements of our way alongside and partly in the water, the fact, that we are seeing more and more new views of the magnificent waterfall will comfort us:




During our first survey we could explore only the first, smaller one of the caves. The picture shows the view out of one of the two entrances. In the rainy season the water was too rapid and the paths were very slippery. 




We could take pictures of the two other caves during our second attempt to the waterfall.


The force of nature could be felt there violently - you will recognize it in the rather unsatisfactory photos. Nevertheless, we want to share them with you.


There are two caves before the "step" to the actual waterfall: one right hand and one left hand of the creek.

The western, which is at the level of the river, is the more spacious of the both of them. It is about 10 meters deep.


However, we weren't able to shoot any photos over there. The spray of the case, that filled the cave interior, obviated any shot.


The image is taken from the interior of the eastern cave, which lies a few meters above the river in the rock wall. Except much water vapor there is hardly anything to see.


One thing we can give you guarantee: You'll be drenched to the skin!


Mist in front of the waterfall


In the next picture you can take a look in the eastern cave grotto. You see there our local guide and a young boy - we could call the tour "child's play".


You could answer: "Tell us another!"...


Guide and child in a cave




Another image from the eastern cave - to give you a better imagination of the proportions and the atmosphere at the waterfall.


Mist in front of the waterfall
soaked guide





And this is Gede, after he had tried to overcome the last stage to the waterfall. People say, there is another cave located. But already after a few seconds he could not breathe any more because of the prevailing water pressure and canceled the experiment. His action is not recommended for imitation!




Time Nature Culture Catering
8 hours      Waterfalls                 Production of Palm- Drinking Water
with extention   Swimming in wine and Palmsugar   Lunchbox
to the Caves: natural river Encounter fresh
over 9 hours Tropical monsun-rain-      with local Palmjuice 
  forest daily-life  

Price per Person                          
IDR 840.000    
Price per Person with extention to the caves
IDR 1.075.000    

The price is valid from two participants - there is a surcharge of 50% for tours with only one participant.

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