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Our Tours



We are glad that you are interested in our tours!


Our treks are designed to lead to unique destinations. Destinations that are not overcrowded. Which offer a special way to experience the magic of Bali.

Most of our guests didn't meet any other western tourists on our treks.

We don't want to play act our tour destinations as "secrets". As we publish them here, they can't be any longer. But they are certainly very special ones.


click to see all choices of our tours!
click to see all choices of our tours!


But also on our Vespa tours, visitors are immersed in the world and lifestyle of the locals. You will have unique experiences.

We don't want to be hyperbolic. Many enthusiastic guests traveling with us attested that over again.


click to see all choices of our tours!
click to see all choices of our tours!


And our Vespa-tourings for experienced self-drivers will give you intense experiences of the tropical nature and everyday life of the locals.


click to see all choices of our tours!
click to see all choices of our tours!



Every single tour will be tailored according to your personal preferences. See our proposals as a building block system and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Maybe you get some inspiration by looking at our photos.


Would you like to become acquainted with certain arts and handicrafts?

Are you more up to landscapes?

Would you like to get in close contact to locals?

Are special events in a natural setting for you especially interesting?

Do you want to ride one of our historic Vespas yourself - for example during our tourings??


Let us know what you imagine!

Is there a member in your group who won´t dare to ride on a motorbike? In this case we´ll surely find a solution, too.


Even in the best weeks of the year accidents can happen. We advise you to book a travel insurance of your choice, so all your activities are protected during your trip to Western standards. You can find one in "Other Offers" in the right hand menue.

Note concerning traffic in Bali

Traffic in Bali is dangerous
always almost traffic jam

Streets in bali normally are cramped and really crowded. Traffic rules are replaced by a system of mutual attention. Thats very difficult for persons not used to it. 


Heavy goods vehicle traffic, miscellaneous small and big busses of the public transportation system, private cars, thousands of motorbikes and more and more bicycles compete for the best position in the streets.


Actually left hand traffic is applied. It happens all the time anyhow, that in the assumed own lane other vehicles will come up in the opposite direction. In addition the roads are meeting point of the neighbourhood, playground for kids and romping place for chicken and dogs.


Europeans tend to describe the traffic in Bali as war. As we would rather spare you such an unfamiliar traffic situation, you will normally take place on the pillion seat or - if available - in a side car.