tourist swimming in the river-pool

Vespa-Trekking-Tour: Our guests are seated on the

pillion-seat from and to their hotel to the starting

point of the hike.

The Secret Above The Waterfall: Short Version - Trekking

Easy trekking tour - with some possibly slippery passages - to our most beautiful swimming spot

road in bad condition


The access routes to the starting point of this hike are in different - but always bad - state.


Based on the weather conditions and the current state of the roads we reserve the right to decide if we go the route from west to east, or vice versa.


Here the tour is presented in east-west direction. In your personal tour, it could also be that it is performed in an east-west direction.


view from ricefields to the shore



We will soon forget about these bad roads, when we enjoy the view of the first few meters of the walk. 



Very soon we are in the middle of the rice terraces and have magnificent views down to the north coast of Bali.


small bridge in a valley










Soon, however, the road lowers down into a valley. There we cross - as the former guests of Bali Vespa tour in the picture - a short and narrow bridge.


A little tip: Visit the railing of this bridge You will be surprised!









Our path winds through a hilly landscape;

there are some lonesome houses amidst impressive scenery of rice terraces and tropical forest which is called "garden" by the locals.



Your guide will give you plenty of information about this fact.

path with cacao trees




We leave the vast landscape and follow a small creek, which purls cheerfully beside us.


Here we come very close to tropical fruits.

You want to know what chocolate looks like, when it's still hanging on the tree?

You can find out on this tour.





But you can already see a photo of it:

cacao fruits
steep stairway



And then we will finally step down into the gorge, where our riverpool is waiting.

Do not worry - the stairs looks worse than they really are.

And there is a responsible guardian who cares for the banister made ​​of bamboo and the steps.

Nevertheless, we will go down very carefully.


Down there you will see this:

the river-pool

And that's how it really looks like!

Here you have time to freshen up to your heart's content in the pleasantly cool water, or simply marvel at the magic of the place. Of course there is now time zo have a picknick. We are famous for our good food. Tell us when booking, what we should be considerate of to your dishes. We will pamper you with genuine Balinese treats! Rested, refreshed and satisfied we will start again.

tropical landscape

On our way through the beautiful countryside we could visit locals and drink coffee with them. And depending on the development of the vegetation and the season your guide will be able to tell you much about the crop of Bali. 

Did you know for example that in Bali the specific insects which pollinate the vanilla are not there? And that's why the farmers have to pollinate each vanilla blossom by hand?


The picture shows Gede with a vanilla plant in hand who just tells guests this story.

guide with a vanilla-plant
guide in a small shop

At a warung (small kiosk), where you could enjoy another cup of coffee, you can see all the ingredients the locals need to prepare their daily meals. For sure your guide will explain everything you want to know about that issue.



Here you will be picked up from our drivers and brought home safely.

guests shooting photos in the ricefields



At a lookout point right at the small side street on which we return home, it is possible to stop one last time to shoot photos.



The rice fields in the foreground form a delightful contrast to the shoreline in the background.




Time Nature Culture Catering
6 hours         Waterfall    Encounter   Drinking Water
  Swimming in          with local          Lunchbox
  natural daily-life Snack
  river-pool   Coffee                          


Price per Person    
IDR 740.000    

The price is valid from two participants - there is a surcharge of 50% for tours with only one participant.

Using the following form you can contact us directly if you are interested in this tour.



Please remember to state your preferred date, the number of participants and the desired pickup location / hotel and special wishes (e.g. vegetarian food) in your message! Please notice our GTC.






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