blue and white sky


Ojek-Enterprise Bali-Vespa-Tour

All our staff will welcome and serve you as our guests as if you were long missed members of their own families



We offer tours to places where you can experience the real and original Bali. We want you to enjoy real good food, real nice places and to get good products to reasonable prices.



We want our guests to get deep into the Balinese culture.



We choose historic vespas as mean of transportation, because we think they are worth to be conserved.



Without a protecting car-roof about you, you will realize much more of the ambience surrounding you.




the wind,

the undisturbed view.


Let the sun kiss you,

and if it will possibly rain we have rainwear with us....



Be touched by


the encounter with locals,

the Balinese courage to face life,

the hidden beauty of the island.



Would you like to experience all that??



Then visit our "Tour-site"