an airbrushed vespa in front of the harbour monument in Singaraja
Monument in Singaraja´s old harbour seen from Bali-Vespa-Tour

This is a Vespa-Tour: Our guests are seated on the

pillion seat and visit many points of interest in the

Lovina area.

Singaraja - Trade, Culture and Religion

Experience the former Balinese Capital during a very interesting Vespa-Tour

We pick you up at your hotel. Together we visit the former Bali capital Singaraja.


Until now Singaraja conserves the character of a capital. We pass generous wide streets with big trees and flowers at the roadsite.

road in singaraja
Generous avenue in Singaraja



There are still historic dutch buildings to be seen - a relict of over 300 years Bali has been a dutch colony.


In particular these buildings are not too far from the old harbour. We will visit one of this buildings and potentially have a chat with the owners

historical dutch house in singaraja


Singaraja has been the domicile of the King of Buleleng, which is until now the name of the district in northern Bali. The King´s palace can be visited.


entrance to the king's palace in singaraja
One of the Palace´s entrances


To some extent it was converted

into the city-museum of Singaraja.

museum of singaraja
The City-Museum of Singaraja


Part of the Palace is a museum for Balinese "books".


They are not books made of paper like the books you know, but the texts and illustrations are scratched into dried lontar leaves and afterwards coloured with an "ink" made of candlenuts.

writing on lontar-leaves
Balinese writing on lontar-leaves



When this museum was opened just some Balinese visitors dared to step inside the new museum. The majority was afraid of the mighty magic, written down in the books stowed here. You don´t need to share these fear. In fact you will get insights into the outstanding Balinese culture.


writing on lontar-leaves
Custodian of the museum


Singaraja, as the most important harbour Balis in former times, always has been melting pot of cultures and religions. Until today Hindus, Moslems, Buddhists and Christians coexist peacefully. A Chinese Buddhist temple at the harbour give witness of this coexistence. Also members of other religious groups pray here.


chinese buddhist temple in singaraja



The spacious bazar in the center of the city is the evident proof of Singaraja´s importance as a trading place. We´ll spend some time here. Maybe you can achieve a bargain....



Fruits in the bazar
Fruits in the bazar
colourfil plastic things
Very colourful



From the outside you would never imagine the picturesque interior.



plastic tarps keep the sun out
plastic tarps keep the sun out


Time Trade Culture Religion Catering
7 hours   Bazar        King´s palace    chinese       Drinking Water
    Museums Temple Coffee
        Lunch at a local

Price per Person    
IDR 640.000    

The price is valid from two participants - there is a surcharge of 50% for tours with only one participant.

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