wild creek

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Craggy Creeks In The Wilderness

Really hard tour - only for very fit guests, who dare to take risks

From Lovina we have a way from approximately one hour to the location of the tour. After a coffee break at a warung our trek will start.



holy tree









During our survey at this location, our local guides did offerings for their gods at this holy tree: Obviously they regarded the tour as an extraordinary challenge. 

ground path






In the beginning of the trek it seems not to be dangerous at all. On narrow paths we win the first meters.




We feel a first hint of danger when we balance on the wall of an irrigation canal: right next to us stands a rock wall, to the left of us, it's going almost straight down.


dangerous path


We follow a fairly wild mountain creek, which we have to cross repeatedly during our trek. In our opinion good trekking sandals are the best footwear for this tour.


We're sometimes up to the knees in the pleasantly cool water. Every normal hiking boot will be soaked.


wild creek


Now we have to deal with the first really difficult sections of the tour. Again and again we cross the water washed round rocks that can be wet and slippery. If necessary, we will use here a rope to provide you with a safe crossing.


slippery path


In addition, it is sometimes getting really steep.


steep path


But we will have quite often beautiful views of the river and its surroundings.



view in the mountains
wild creek


Again and again, we come to steep and slippery sections that demand our full attention.


Occasionally, our route takes us through the undergrowth or high elephant grass fields; there is no longer a real path. However, one of our guides will cut the vegetation to give us way.


Finally, we reach a waterfall that demands a particularly tricky climb:




On the left side of the lower, smaller fall you see a dark moist rock which wants to be conquered.


We will be rewarded with a waterfall that has a special feature. The bigger part of the water is cold. But there is also a hot water fall.


This waterfall is the highest point of our

tour - near him we

will have a picnic

with authentic

Balinese dishes

Balinese food on banana leaf


for you. We are famous

for our good food - on

this tour with all it's

efforts - you will

have deserved it.





The descent will be no less difficult than the ascent. Stay focused - by exhaustion you might be be careless and could slip and get hurt at various places.


There is no real river-pool in this tour. We have, however, found a place to swim. In the clean, cool water (our local guides have even drank the water directly from the stream), you can rest and relax.


The way to our vehicles is not far from here.



wild creek

Just some more pics for you to get a "feeling" of the tour



wild creek
wild creek

climbing balinese
path through elefant-grass


Time Nature Culture Catering
9 hours      Waterfall                         Encounter         Drinking Water
  Swimming in with local Lunchbox
  natural river daily-life                Coffee
  Tropical monsun-rain-    Snack              

Price per Person    
IDR 750.000    

The price is valid from two participants - there is a surcharge of 50% for tours with only one participant.

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