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BEST TRIP we did in Bali. You will LOVE IT”


Reviewed July 22, 2014


This is honestly the proudest most sincere review I have done. I cannot recommend this trip enough. I would go to North Bali just for this trip alone. For the following reasons; 
1. Booking is easy
2. Gede our guide was the nicest and most knowledgeable local we met on our 3 week trip.
3. You feel incredible safe on the cool Vespa bike and experience bali the way locals do. 
4. You see REAL Bali. We were the only westerners on the acres and acres of rice fields along the mountains looking at the ocean. 
5. Every view out does the next. Better than any view we saw in Ubud. 
6. You go for a lovely Balinese coffee in a very local (3 seats) shop which is fantastic. 
7. You see all the local farmers at work, Gede even stopped and let us see a local cremation ceremony taking place and explained the Hindu way. He also along the trip while we were trekking showed us local plants and wildlife, something no other guide would do. 
8. The trek you do is way way off the beaten track and you are with the locals and there barking dogs (all Bali dogs but we never once felt scared) which is incredible.
9. But the best is the incredibly crystal clear waterfall you get to swim in all by yourself. This is followed by lunch on banana leaves prepared by Gede's wife which is incredible.
10. You sit with a local family at there home (not these compounds you will visit on other tours) and Gede will tell you about there custom. They also made us a lovely cup of coffee we gave the 50,000RP but the didn't ask. 
And finally this trip made us experience untouched, real Bali with a safe, friendly and passionate man. The price is also cheaper then a lot of ok tours we did with guides who sat in their cars. 

I can confidently say you will not be disappointed. 



Thanks a lot to Conor from Ireland!!

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