the cave

Coloured Water in a holy Cave - spiritual Trekking

Partially very difficult tour - good shoes or trekking-sandals required

Scene at the road






By Vespa you´ll be brought up in the mountains as far as it is possible without you being endangered through the bad roads. Here the trekking-tour starts.

Already from the starting point of our tour you experience great views. As our way constantly steps up, the tropical sun soon becomes noticeable. 

view from ricefield and cottage to the shore
Ricefield with a view
farmer with cow-food
A farmer on his way home









Not for a long time though, as we soon enter the shadowy tropical monsun-rain-forest,

creek in the ricefields
Brook and ricefields










which we leave again for a short while. At a staircase - or partially at it´s relicts - we follow right hand a brisk brook even with a waterfall, and nice ricefields left hand.

view from the mountains to the shore
rice fields
bathing place
bathing-place at a waterfall







We reach a natural pool below a waterfall - you could take a bath here but it´s a bit on the shadowy side...


tourist with water-bottle
Good to have some water here...








From that point on, the path through the monsun-rain-forest really steps up constantly steep. Conversations stop and every single member of the group is busy struggling with the steepness of the mountain. Good if you´ve got some drinking water with you...

steep path
a path like a fixed rope route











Having arrived at the crest we immediately begin to step down into a side-valley. Our path becomes extremely difficult and is like a fixed rope route without fixed rope. With assistance it is conquerable though. It is worth it: we are already near to the highlight of our tour, the temple-cave Tirta Kuning. Before we´re allowed to enter it we have to have a symbolic lustration a little bit downhill at a brook. And we have to wear "Kamen", Templeclothing (a Sarong).



We enter a protruding grotto with water in different colours. From the five colours, anounced by locals there are only three in different basins visible - the others are canopied by tempel-clothes.


We are not allowed to enter the real cave, which´s entrance can be seen at the backside of the grotto. Only authorized Hindus are allowed to do that on special days.


You can feel a deep spiritutuality in that holy Hindu place, though. 


detail of the cave
detail of the cave
detail of the cave
rest at a kiosk
having a rest at a warung




Having climbed up to the crest again, which is much more easy than the way down for all members of the group, our way is getting not too tiring again. It´s time now for having lunch near a little brook. Following we are having hot coffee and fruits at a nearby Warung.



From now on it´s getting downwards. Literally. On our way down which follows another route than the hike up, we experience some great views down to the northern coast.


We witness the daily life of local mountain-farmers. Finally we meet with our Vespas which will bring us back to the coast.


great view
great views

At Pantai Penimbangan (Penimbangan Beach) the meeting point of Singaraja´s youth we let the day end as harmoniously as it had begun: we´ll have fresh fruit-juices or other drinks directly at the seaside.

sunset at a small cafe at the beach


Time Nature Culture Catering
Full daytour    Waterfall    Temple-cave:    Drinking Water
8 hours Option: Swimming in      Tirta Kuning Lunchbox
  natural river-pool Encounter Fruits
  Tropical monsun-rain-   with local Coffee              
  forest daily-life  

Please remind: difficult tour, good shoes recommended, Temple-clothing (Sarong) recommended!

Price per Person    
IDR 670.000    

The price is valid from two participants - there is a surcharge of 50% for tours with only one participant.

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Da wir ausschließlich recht alte, historische Roller nutzen, kann jede Tour zu einem Abenteuer eigener Art werden. Jederzeit können Züge reißen oder andere technische Probleme auftreten. Diese Vorfälle gehören zur Oldtimer-Szene. Sehen Sie sie als "Extra-Events" die Ihre Tour einzigartig machen können!


As we are using rather old scooters, every single tour might be a bit of an adventure. There is always the chance of cracked bowden cables or other technical difficulties. These possible incidents are part of the historic scooter-scene. Take them as extra-events belonging to your personal Bali-Vespa-Tour.



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